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Universal Crossword


Andrews McMeel

Editor: David Steinberg
Submit via: <b>email (CCW, AL, CD, CF, PDF)
15x15: $150
21x21: $350
Response Time: Up to 3 months

I'm looking for themed 15x15 and 21x21 crosswords in any stage of development (including queries), and I encourage new and experienced constructors alike to submit! Although at present our platform can't handle rebuses, circles, shading, or off-sized grids, I'm very open to workarounds for these features.

Pay is $110 per 15x15 puzzle and $260 per 21x21 puzzle. Please email your submissions, 1 per email and no more than 3 submissions at a time, to me at amsxwords AT At the start of the subject header, please also indicate whether the puzzle is a 15x or a 21x (e.g., "21x: Title of Puzzle"). Crossword Compiler or Across Lite is preferred, though PDF is also okay. If you don't hear back in 3 months, feel free to follow up.

Puzzles appear in various print and online media, such as here:


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